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R05 Chuckwalla Guzzler Damaged

SCBS volunteers discovered that a flash flood has destroyed the Chuckwalla water development.  It was originally installed in 1974, later the tanks were changed from galvanized to plastic and in 2004 the dam was resealed.  Last summer flash floods completely removed the tanks from the pad, leaving the intake plumbing hanging in mid air.  SCBS board member Scott Gibson has been working closely with BLM and Ca DFW to obtain a permit to rebuild the system using the existing collection dam and replacing the old upright tanks and float valve type drinker with SCBS Raincatcher tanks and intergral drinker.  This will not only restore the system to operation it will also improve the capacity, reduce maintenance and repairs by eliminating valves, extend the life of the tanks by protecting them from sun, and will reduce the visual footprint of the system.

Preliminary schedule has been set for two weekends in March, keep watching for the latest details.